Honorary support for digital estate management.

For hospices and individuals.


Most of our relatives do not think about their digital afterlife.

In case of death, profiles remain online, subscriptions continue to be paid for, enquiries come to nothing. Grieving relatives are inundated with bureaucracy.

You should start thinking about managing your digital legacy.

Managing your digital estate would be an additional burden for your loved ones. Today, Internet users have an average of five Internet accounts.

Palliative care is less about contact with Facebook, Netflix and Co.

Hospice caregivers already have a lot to do as part of palliative care. Digital support frees up more time for the medical and emotional care of hospice guests.

Our support

Voluntary advice

We advice you, relatives or hospice workers voluntary. Just fill out the Userwill contact form and we get back to you as soon as possible.

Carefree automation

If you are a citizen of a member state of the European Union, you can grant us a power of attorney to automatically manage your digital estate.

Committed mediation

We convey the data provided to us to online platforms so that relatives can grieve in peace and not be burdened with bureaucracy.

Our vision

We live in a digital age with new technological problems. Regardless of whether relatives want to memorialize a profile or have it deleted, when it comes to the topic of digital inheritance, in already difficult phases, many fellow human beings are faced with a digital, complicated shambles consisting of, for example, Amazon, Spotify, Facebook, Instagram, Netflix, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google, Snapchat and numerous other accounts. No fellow human being should be left alone when it comes to digital death. From our own experience, we know that the topics of digital death and digital estate can be difficult, especially during a period of mourning. Together, we pursue the collective mission of working towards a more digital and better tomorrow.

Our actions are guided by the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Our vision is a society in which every person using the Internet has managed his or her digital afterlife.